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NewsOnline is a beatiful and professional WordPress theme that can take your website or blog to the next level. Everything from the serif headlines to the news ticker is designed to be the perfect fit for blogs that deliver regular news and will help establish your brand as an authority.

Ideal for sites that have a alot of information to display, NewsOnline makes it easy for you to highlight featured content. Organize news by category and tags and present it alongside high definition featured images to really grab attention.

NewsOnline will load quickly to ensure your visitors stick around and to help give you an important SEO boost. This theme keeps things light without sacrificing crisp, high definition design sensibles.

Well-integrated spaces for your advertising ensure maximum CTR (Click Through Rate) and conversion without being distracting or off-putting for your visitors. For maximum profits and the best aesthetics, always choose a theme with monetization integrated.

Large an crisp typefaces combined with the line spacing and high contrast colors by default ensure your text will be highly readable. Don´t lose visitors to frustrating text choices; create a site that people love to read

NewsOnline is a beautiful and professional WordPress Theme with a glossy feel that’s perfect for news sites and online magazines.

For webmasters and designers looking to build sites that display lots of information in a way that feels authoritative and high quality.

Ensure you are able to compete with the top players in your niche!

Of course, the topic can also be translated into different languages to have more visitors on the site. With the WPML Plugin, it is easy to translate a page professionally!
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WPML makes it easy to create and run multilingual sites. It’s powerful for corporate sites, but simple for blogs

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