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Datafeedr Shopprogramm WordPress

The best way to create an affiliate store.

Simple, fast and seamlessy integrated with WordPress.

Datafeedr seamlessly integrates with WordPress and nearly all available themes and plugins.

350+ Million Products

Select products from our massive database of affiliate products to import into your WordPress website.

30+ Networks & 13,000+ Merchants

Choose from the largest affiliate networks and select from thousands of internationally recognizable brands and boutique retailers.

No Data Feeds or Programming

No need to download, import and parse large, unorganized CSV or XML files. No programming required, either. Datafeedr does all of that for you!

20 Countries

Import products from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, India, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom & the United States.

Updates Run in Background

Most product importers require you to sit and watch the update until it finishes. Datafeedr performs product updates in the background whether you’re watching or not.

Powerful Product Search

Search across multiple affiliate networks and merchants simultaneously. Filter products by name, description, network, merchant, brand, price, sale price, discount percentage, currency, sale status and more.


The datafeedr Shopprogramm WordPress works with 30 networks, 13,000 merchandises (shops) worldwide and has more than 350 million products on click.

My 6 reasons why I use datafeedr:

1. Support

A program is only as good as its support. And rarely have I got such a fast and competent support as from datafeedr.

2. The Merchands

Datafeedr offers me – next to amazon, zanox and co. – a huge selection of partner programs, whose products can be automatically integrated into the shop, alone at Belboon Germany, there are 400 partnerhops.

3. The flexibility

Not only typical affilate shops can be realized, but pages with coupon codes, discount vouchers and discount codes are also easy to implement.

4. Content growth

Datafeedr provides daily automated products as contributions to my site which significantly increases my content. I can choose how many posts and what time interval they appear. The rest is done by the program

5. The price

Compared to other products, this program is a real bargain. In the 5-site plan, a shop does not cost a 10 euros per month, but this is updated daily on request, both in price and in availability. If there are new products with the same search terms, they will be included in the shop. Who once “by hand” products integrated into a shop knows how much work that is. You pay at datafeedr no commission, all your income from the Affiliate Marketing remain with you.

6. No risk

With the 30 day money back guarantee you can quietly test your shop with datafeedr. If you are not satisfied you will get your money back.

6. Worldwide Opportunities

Datafeedr works worldwide with 35 networks, is directly linked to the product offer in almost 14,000 stores and you can choose from just 355 MILLION products to make your shop successful.


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Datafeedr Shopprogram WordPress

The best way to integrate an affiliate shop.

Simple, fast and seamlessly integrated with WordPress. Datafeedr works with almost all WordPress themes and plugins.

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